Visual Artist


PhD Genetics and Evolution



Spiritual Medium


Luzia’s work and research has taken her from the prestigious campuses of the State University of Campinas and Pontificial Catholic University of São Paulo where she spearheaded innovative work in the field of history of genetics in Brasil to her present day research for her upcoming body of work, Urban Orixás (a collection of paintings and mixed media) in New York City.


In the first decade of 2000, after teaching for 6 years, Luzia expanded her professional horizons by leaving academia to volunteer with, an environmental NGO partner.  There she merged her expertise in biology with the social needs of a tropical island situated in Ilhabela State Park. Today the organization has turned into a nursery of rainforest trees.  And, in working with the Global Network for Peace Education ( from 2002 to 2008 organizing and participating in local and continental meetings, and coordinating the project, “Artists for Peace”; Luzia met several religious and social leaders, and acquired different tools for peaceful coexistence and conflict management. 


In 2005 Luzia establishes herself as a social entrepreneur with Open Sky Art & Consciousness a collective space she founded and coordinated (2006-2010) in the city of Campinas, Brazil.  This creative space became a hub for professional artistes, integrative therapies and education for peace. It worked as an incubator for innovative initiatives such as collective selling of organic products, fair exchange, labs and workshops, and point of meeting for different spiritual traditions.  In addition, she also created Art Space in the city of Campinas, a pop-up gallery designed and curated by Luzia to promote both new talent and established visual artists.  This project helped to build a new concept of culture and connection that aims to bring more art to the Campinas public.


It is from this confluence of scientific research, peace advocacy, art, and social entrepreneurship that in 2010 Luzia, began her research in the biological approach to consecrate plants and spirituality that resulted in Herbs And Orixás series.


Continuing on that theme her present day research has brought her to New York City for her upcoming body of work, Urban Orixás (a collection of paintings, photographs, and mixed media) in search of the natural forces of nature (The Orixas) and how they are expressed in an urban environment. This erudite artiste has traversed much ground and created tools and inroads for self-knowledge.


1992 PhD Genetics and Evolution - State University of Campinas (UNICAMP) - Brazil

1986 Graduate Biological Science - State University of Campinas (UNICAMP)

art education


Art Since 1970: Passages through time and Space, Prof Annie Dell’Aria (10,5 hours), The Art Student League of New York.

Collage and the City, Prof Erik Hibit (30 hours), The Cooper Union, New York, US


History of Modern Art (80 hours) Prof Luciano Migliaccio, Campinas, Brazil.

The City Transformed: Part I (12 hours) Prof Barry Lews, The Cooper Union, New York, US

 Collage - Prof Erik Hibit (30 hours), The Cooper Union, New York, US


Workshop São Luiz do Paraetinga to Paraty - 5 days - Final Portfolio - Prof. Isabela Senatore

Modern art I (80 hours)Prof. Vera Ferro - Campinas, Brazil

Modern art II  (80 hours) Prof. Vera Ferro - Campinas, Brazil

Curator of Contemporary Art in São Paulo (12 hours) Prof. Martin Grossman, Casa do Saber, São Paulo, Brazil

Art Curator (6 hours) Prof. Valéria Piccolo, Casa do Saber, São Paulo, Brazil


Contemporary Art I (80 hours)Prof. Vera Ferro

Contemporary Art II (80 hours) Prof. Vera Ferro

Visions - basic photography - total 25 hours - Prof. Isabela Senatore - Campinas, SP, Brazil

Divine and Visions - portfolio review - total 25 hours Prof. Isabela Senatore

Collage (18 hours) Prof. Nino Cais, Tomie Otake Institute, São Paulo, Brazil.

Watercolor Workshop, Prof. Kristina Jurick, during the IV International Meeting of Watercolor Painters in Paraty, Brazil


Contemporary Art III(80 hours) Prof. Vera Ferro - Campinas, Brazil

Guide tour to Art Museums in Paris Prof. Vera Ferro- Campinas, Brazil

Contemporary Art IV(80 hours) Prof. Vera Ferro - Campinas, Brazil


Collage - (80 hours) Prof. Vera Ferro -Campinas, Brazil

Contemporary Art V (80 hours) Prof. Vera Ferro - Campinas, Brazil



Watercolor- workshops (30 hours) Prof. Vera Ferro - Campinas, Brazil

2007 - Open-air watercolor in Tiradentes, Brazil

2006-2013 -Individual guidance in art projects(240 hours) Prof. Vera Ferro


Quantum Process In Creativity  (20 hours) Prof. Lais Wollner, Espaço Wollner - eW - São Paulo, Brazil





2012 - Waldemar Belisário - Installation Category, Ilhabela, Brazil

2008 -Selected artist to Brahma Kumaris Calendar, Brahma Kumaris International Organization


2008 - Selected artistto the homage Professor Pierre Weil, International Congress of Transdisciplinarity, Complexity and Ecoformation, Brasília, Brazil

individual exhibitions


Ervas e seus Orixas, FNAC, Campinas Brazil 


Women in Art, Ward-Nesse Galery, NYC, US


“OWA da Luz”, Espaço Arte- Ateliê Revestimento, Campinas, Brazil


“Ervas e seus Orixás” Herbs and Orixás, Espaço das Artes of the Scholl of medical Sciences of Unicamp, Campinas, Brazil


“Valor da Natureza” The Values of Nature, Café e Arte, Campinas, Brazil

 “Ervas e seus Orixás” Herbs and Orixás, Mataganza Cultural Center, Templo Guaracy do Brazil, Cotia, Brazil


“Espelhos da Alma” The Soul’s Mirror Ecomercado Avis Rara, Campinas, Brazil


A arte como manifestação do poder do amor” The Art and the Power of Love, Livraria e Espaço Arjuna, São Paulo, Brasil

“Anjos, Santos e Afins” Angels and Saints, Café e Arte, Campinas, Brazil


Exhibition of Paintings at Hotel-Spa Sete Voltas,”Spa Hotel Sete Voltas, Itatiba, Brazil

“Um outro jeito de se ver: Reestruturar, Resignificar, Rever” Another way to see ourselves: restructuring, reframing, reviewing,

Willis Harman House, São Paulo, Brazil

collective exhibitions


2016 - Invitation to have an exhibition “Biologia das Ervas Sagradas” at the United Nations


PointB presentation during Armory Week with works by Patrick Meagher (New York), Luzia Castañeda (São Paulo), and Ōyama Enrico Isamu (Tokyo), NYC, US -

LIC ARTS Queens, NYC, US, May 13 - June 13. Serie Value of Nature


Divine and Visions - Photography, Arte Space - Ateliê Revestimento, Campinas, Brazil

The Eye that Sees - Photography, September/October, 2013, Santos, SP, Brazil


IV International Meeting of Watercolor Painters, Paraty, Brazil

 XXXV Exhibition Visual Art Hall Waldemar Belizário, Ilhabela, Brazil


Watercolor Contemporary, Indaiatuba, Brazil


Tiradentes - Watercolor Outdoor, Art Space Sylvia Ferro, Campinas, Brazil

 Crisolart Galleries, Barcelona, Spain


Tribute to the Masters of French Painting, Cultural Space TOTE, Campinas, Brazil

 Metamorphosis, Art Space Sylvia Ferro, Campinas, Brazil


special participation



2011 - Invited artist to participate at the celebration of 5th anniversary of UMAPAZ, São Paulo, Brazil


2008 - Artexpo New York - Brazilian Group, NY, US